COVID-19 and My Upcoming Dental Appointment

With the current COVID-19 virus concerns, what do I do about my upcoming Dental appointment?

Many of you are extremely concerned about the COVID-19 virus. I understand how you feel and the health and well-being for you and your family is my top concern. If you are uncertain and you don’t feel comfortable, please contact my office and we will gladly reschedule your next Dental visit.

My TEAM and I have taken extreme measures to make sure you are safe while visiting our Dental Office. During Phase 1-3 of returning back to business, we have implemented strong infection control and follow strict CDC/ADA guidelines. Our phone conversation with all our patients includes a screening questionnaire: have you traveled, have you experience flu-like symptoms, have you been around anyone with flu-like symptoms and more. We have redesigned our reception area with safe spacing and scheduling future patients in staggered time frames for minimal interactions. We are taking infra-red patient temperatures and keeping patients in the dental operatory until complete checkout.

Your Oral Health is the gateway to your physical health. Keeping optimal Oral Health decreases subsequent dental issues and Periodontal disease, which leads to other concerns. Your Oral Hygiene and Dental appointments are critical. Periodontal disease has also been associated with other health issues.

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