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Since 1994, we have been the preferred dental office in Colorado Springs, providing quality dentistry with all the comforts of your home. Dr. Hill and our team at Hill Dentistry  are those rare individuals who love every detail of life. Our work is gentle enough for our most anxious patients, while professional enough to be among the best dental treatments available. Our phenomenal staff is well-trained in all the newest developments within the field and eager to help you achieve smiles for life. Our promise is that you will walk out of our office with the most brilliant, healthy teeth and the ability to maintain them.

Here at the office of Hill Dentistry, we keep that promise by combining our unique ability to connect to each and every patient on a personal level, as well as incorporating new technology from the dental field. Our providers take a multitude of continuing education classes, attend seminars and conferences  and are Invisalign® certified. Dr. Hill’s thirst for knowledge and passion for dentistry makes him the top dentist in Colorado Springs. Being a member of a multitude of different professional organizations, Hill Dentistry is well versed in exceeding the expectations of patient care when you’re sitting in our chairs!

We offer a comprehensive list of dental treatments for your every need, including:

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Pediatric Dentistry Colorado Spring

"No Shots To Children since 2005"

We know for the residents of Colorado Springs pediatric dentistrycan be overwhelming, especially when trying to decide which dental practice is right for you and your child. At Hill Dentistry we provide the comfort necessary for your child to never have to fear going to the dentist ever again. Our staff makes every effort to help your family feel relaxed and comfortable so that their experience is an enjoyable one, instead of one to be feared. Bring your children to a Dentist you already trust, and be confident in knowing your children are in good hands . Schedule an appointment today and find out why more Colorado Springs residents are choosing Hill Dentistry for their Total Family Dental Care.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that benefits everyone. Isaiah and Jonathan have been a part of the program for a little over 3 years now. Isaiah has been in Doctor Hill’s intern program in preparation to be a great dentist some day.

Dentures in Colorado Springs

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. It is made of acrylic resin, sometimes in combination with various metals.
Complete dentures replace all the teeth, while a partial denture fills in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevents other teeth from changing position.
Candidates for complete dentures have lost most or all of their teeth. A partial denture is suitable for those who have some natural teeth remaining. A denture improves chewing ability and speech, and provides support for facial muscles. It will greatly enhance the facial appearance and smile.

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Dental Services In Colorado Springs

Dental Crowns Colorado Springs

Dental Crowns

Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth.

Dental Bridges Colorado Spring

Dental Bridges

​Bridges are natural-looking dental appliances that can replace a section of missing
Dental Contouring

Dental Contouring

Cosmetic contouring and reshaping procedures can remedy crooked, chipped, and cracked teeth.

Tooth Bonding Colorado Springs

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding uses material that looks like the enamel of your teeth that is molded, shaped, hardened and polished. 

Teeth Veneers Colorado Springs

Lumineers Veneers

Veneers can improve teeth that are badly stained, shaped or crooked. The Veneer is placed on the surface of the affected teeth.

Gum Grafting Colorado Springs

Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft tissue grafts are small pieces of tissue that is surgically implanted in the affected area. Contact Hill Dentistry today! 

Your Dentist In Colorado Springs

At Hill Dentistry, we put your comfort at the heart of everything we do. Having a dentist in Colorado Springs who cares about your feelings as much as your teeth makes all the difference in your visit. We understand that a trip to the dentist can create anxiety for many people. We strive to make your visit smooth and worry-free, whether you are coming in for a basic dental cleaning, whitening, or other procedure.

“Better Communication Means Better Service”
Our dentist works for you. That’s why every service begins with a consultation. We take the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions you have in full before beginning. Our dentist keeps you well informed and makes you an active part of the process. Our open communication and gentle style helps reduce anxiety and improves your experience. We believe in two-way communication and a partnership in the decision-making process. We are here to assist your oral care, not take over.

​Patient Focused Dentistry

From your first visit, you’ll see our dentist is different. Your oral health comes first. Our dentist doesn’t just focus on treatment, he also focuses on prevention. After-care can make a major difference in your long-term oral care. We explain what you can do to keep your mouth healthy.
We help with insurance billing and have options for patient payments.
Our individualized care for each patient is a big reason we have so many positive referrals. In fact, a majority of our patients who come to Hill Dentistry come to us through a recommendation from a friend or family member.
We offer full-scale services, including general cleaning and maintenance, diagnostics, and treatment, as well as cosmetic dentistry.
Talk to us about your goals, we want you to feel confident about your smile! Our experienced team can get you on track for a healthy mouth and a smile you will be proud of.

Colorado Springs
Dental Clinic

Tooth Extraction Colorado Springs

Dental Extraction

Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth.

Root Canal Therapy Colorado Springs

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a remarkable treatment with a very high rate of success, and involves…

Tooth Ache

Tooth Ache

Tooth aches and pains are usually caused when a tooth becomes infected

Emergency Dental

A knocked out tooth or bitten tongue can cause panic in any parent, but quick thinking and staying calm are the best ways to approach such common dental emergencies and prevent additional unnecessary damage and costly dental restoration. This includes taking measures such as application of cold compresses to reduce swelling, and of course, contacting our office as soon as possible.

Dental Implants

​We want our Colorado Springs patients to know that before development of dental implants, dentures were the only alternative to replacing a missing tooth or teeth! Implant Dentistry has become the most advanced treatment available to restore or replace missing teeth.

Dental Fillings

The process for placing a filling requires just one comfortable visit to our office. Our dentist will first remove the decayed and damaged portion of your tooth, and then clean the tooth to remove all traces of decay. We then fill the tooth with the filling material and shape it to match your tooth’s shape. Finally, the tooth filling is hardened for a lasting restoration.

Tooth Cleaning Colorado Springs

Teeth Cleaning

Bacteria found in plaque survive on the sugars that are left by foods you eat. After bacteria consumes the sugars…

Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs

Teeth Whitening

A white healthy smile is one of the most appealing features a person can have. When talking to someone…

Dental Health Plan Colorado Springs

Oral Heath Care

Our program is designed to help prevent new cavities, preserve teeth that have been restored
and …

​Dental Exams and Check-Ups In Colorado Springs

Oral hygiene is necessary for eliminating bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria builds to form plaque that can harden and lead to long-term ailments such as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, and periodontal disease if it is not removed. A good dental care routine and regulardental check-ups will keep your mouth healthy and prevent inflammation, infection, decay, and tooth loss.

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