Laser Dentistry: “Luke I’m Your Father”

Laser Dentistry

I can’t believe it was May 25, 1977, when the first Stars War episode was released. Everyone was fascinated with the Laser wands that Darth Vade, Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke used. What color were they?

I’m the Leader in Laser Dentistry and all my Hygienist have used the Biolase Dental Laser since 2004. Does your Dental Office use a Laser? If not, why?

Dental Laser treatment is state of the art Dentistry because of the many benefits include quicker Tissue healing time, less invasive treatment, no scalpel, and pinpoint accurate treatment and outcomes.

The Dental Hygiene Laser is extremely effective because it reduces the amount of bacteria in your gums that cause Gum and Periodontal Disease. The treatment is immediate and the outcomes since 2004 have been very successful. I use the Laser every day for a vast number of Dental procedures, and it makes your crowns and implants and gum match perfectly.

I use The Biolase Waterlase everyday and can perform Periodontal treatment to include: gingivectomy procedure, soft tissue augmentation , fibroma removals, Frenectomy, crown lengthening procedure, treating herpetic oral lesions, and more .

  • At your next Hygiene visit, we will use the Dental Laser to reduce bacteria.
  • Your Optimal Oral Health will improve immediately
  • You deserve to Show that beautiful happy smile everyday
  • Call today, 719 -540 -3983, to schedule your next Dental visit

I truly enjoy Dentistry and seeing you and your families. My Dental Practice is always on the cutting edge of Dental Treatment and technology.



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