Do You Put Patients Under or Can I Be Sedated?

Yes, you can be sedated.

Many adults have had a normal dental experience where they have had restorations placed with a local anesthetic. And then there are many adults who have had uncomfortable experiences where it has given them a lifetime of dental phobia or fear of going to the Dental Office or calling the dental office for an appointment. Are you one of those patients?

In my 30 years of experience, I found two scenarios that bring this about and I’ve been very successful in communicating and talking with the patients about their fear and solutions for treatment. All of these phobias started when the adult patient was a child and they went to the Dental Office and they would not be heard. The dentist or Staff continued the treatment even if the child requested them to stop. Often times there was pain and as an adult the became a phobia.

At Hill dentistry we love children and we want to take care of all of our adult patients. Our main focus is comfort and understanding of the needs of each patient. Children are very easy to teach and treat if you allow them to control and if you let them be a participant. We always tell the children if you want us to stop raise your hand or if it feels weird to raise your hand. We do that 100% of the time. The children are happy, they’re laughing, we’re playing, and they always come back.

When I first meet my adult patients I always ask them have they had a previous experience that made them fearful. Those that say they have asked them to talk about that incident and I sit and I listen and I gain their trust. Once we have talked about their previous experience I explain to them that we will never hurt them and that we will stop at any point they feel uncomfortable. That has worked 100% of the time.

Once I have that understanding with the patient and gain trust I will inform the patient that we will start off with an easy comfortable cleaning appointment. On any future appointments, if they wish, we can provide them a sedative that will make them extremely relaxed and not remember the dental appointment.

At Hill dentistry, we always listen to our patients and their requests for their personal needs. Whether it is with a child and we laugh and talk and distract them and complete the treatment or an adult who is anxious and needs a sedative prescription. We are always able to provide you with care and optimal dental treatment.

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