Are You a General Family Dental Practice and Do You Take Kids?

Yes and yes. As a general dental practice, our patients' ages range from eight months to 95 years old. after I completed my 1 year residency program I was very confident and able to treat young children and the elderly. I have two daughters of my own and I love children and it is so easy to make them comfortable and to provide general dentistry as well. The moms are exceptionally excited to see that little Johnny or Suzie are laughing and playing in our office and running around having fun. I can’t remember the last time we had a child cry in our office.

I love kids and our office staff loves them as well. today I had a two-year-old who brought his little Spiderman figurine into the office and dad was surprised when I made a Web out of floss for little Spiderman. Dad laughed and I laughed as little spider boy left with a cookie and Spiderman had a web. It’s very important that little kids come to the office at an early age to get used to the office environment and see that their mom or dad or other siblings are having a good time and it’s not a scary environment. Without exception, they’re excited to come for their visit and jump into the chair and leave with a smile and cookie.

My older patients are just like little kids, they love coming to us and leaving with a smile and a cookie. If you think about it, they have so much wisdom and the gift of insight that I enjoy learning from them. Often times I will ask them “What is your secret to your successful marriage and happiness ?”. They just open up and they love to talk about their lives and where they’re from and how they met their spouse at the high school dance 60 years ago in the small-town USA

Most of my older patients have the gift of trust and life experiences and are often the most satisfying patients because they trust and want you to take care of them and their spouses. Both Young and older patients want one thing, that you truly care about them.

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