It's Not Just A Child Prophy


As you are aware, your children are constantly growing and developing. You probably think that when they have all their teeth, everything is good. They’re 18 years old and all they need are their wisdom 3rd molars teeth extractions. Now off they go and just keep your Dental Hygiene cleanings twice a year.

Not so. As early as age 3 years old, I’m able to complete my dental examination and Diagnosis from your Child’s Prophy and Dental examination. With Dental x-rays and radiographs, I’m able to evaluate their future need for Orthodontics, cosmetic crowns, Implants, composite filling or sealants to prevent decay. The Dental examination is also preventive in nature as we can recommend fluoride or dental varnish treatment to prevent decalcification, tooth decay, or incipient caries. Oftentimes, early Dental prevention prevents future root canals or surgical extraction.

Even though they may have all their dentition and teeth by age 12 years, your child’s/teenager’s Maxillary and Mandibular bone is continuously growing and developing, possibly requiring an Orthodontic evaluation for future treatment. Perhaps they are congenitally missing a permanent tooth and will require a future Implant for cosmetic and function. If we misdiagnose this, their jaw bone may resorb and the only solution is a Porcelain Bridge or crowns.

Early Dental Examinations and interceptive Orthodontic treatment will lead to the successful overall health of your children’s dentition. They will become comfortable from an early age for dental cleanings and treatment. What’s so great about this is that Mom is happy as well.


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