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Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs

​Having a great white smile is one of the best confident boosters you can have. Opalescense Gel Regular 35% is the best way to obtain that white smile. It is the first ADA accepted, syringe delivered, take home bleaching gel. Opalescense Gel Regular 35% has scientifically shown that it can remove stains from systemic, pharmalogic, congenital, traumatic and even aging. It is well known to be very successful with tetracycline and flourosis staining. Opalescense Gel Regular 35% contains a patented formula that is sticky which greatly speeds the results from weeks to days. This product is only available through dentist office (or through our online dentist office right here). Opalescense Gel Regular 35% is a prescription strength whitening solution. Whitening Toothpaste can not touch the ability of Opalescense Gel Regular 35%, look the best you possibly can. Get rid of stains caused by coffee, iced tea, red wine and other staining foods.

Opalescense Colorado Springs
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