Dr. Hill,

It was great seeing you the other morning when I had my six month checkup. I appreciate you keeping Jocelyn in your thoughts and prayers. As per our conversation of that morning, I am enclosing a picture of Jocelyn before she had you do her orthodontic work, along with a more current picture of her. As you can see, she has a million dollar smile now thanks to you and we hope that her winning smile lands her some serious modeling opportunities. Keep your fingers crossed! Maybe you'll see her and your great work in a magazine some day. O For now, I am honored that you asked for a picture of her to post on your office bulletin board. She is truly an orthodontic success story. Thank you.

Wishing you and your family nothing but the best always. Take care and see you again in six months.

Annette Brown



Colorado Springs
4711 Opus Drive Suite 120
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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