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Implant Dentistry
At Hill Dentistry we're available to replace one or more of your missing teeth attaching a crown, bridge, or full set of dentures on top of dental implants. Using Implant dentistry allows our office to provide you with the smile you deserve.  

Cosmetic Dentistry
A smile is one of our most effective ways to communicate. The cliche, 'smile and the world smiles with you' is really true! People just naturally prefer to be around other people who are happy. Smiles radiate happiness and are very contagious.

Modern dentistry offers a wide variety of treatments that can address these smile deficiencies. From porcelain veneers to cosmetic whitening, the sparkling, healthy smile you've always wanted is within your reach, often in just one visit!

Cosmetic dentistry requires deliberate, precise technique and the highest level of quality control. At Hill Dentistry, we can deliver on the promise of a brighter, healthier smile because we continually update our training, technology and equipment.

Among our state-of-the art technology is the replacement of the traditional x-ray with digital radiography, which greatly lessens patient exposure to radiation.

We also use an intraoral camera to take photographs inside your mouth. Often a tooth will not start bothering a patient until there is a significant loss of tooth structure. This new camera is an excellent way to detect dental problems early, allowing restoration before pain or tooth loss occurs.

And our sterilization processes are of hospital level quality. Using the latest in sterilization equipment and procedures, we can verify and document actual exposure treatments and time, thereby ensuring optimal protection for our patients from bacterial and viral infections.



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